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Administrative Services

City staff provide a wide variety of managerial services for city policies, programs and projects.

Some of these are stand-alone areas on the website, i.e. finance and planning, while others are grouped here with various information.

Hazard Mitigation Planning
As a consequence of the January 2012 flood event, in order to qualify for federal relief assistance, the City was required to develop a Hazard Mitigation Plan. This is not a plan on how to RESPOND to a flood event, but a plan to try and help MITIGATE floods and/or their impacts in the future.

You can click on the bold words, "Hazard Mitigation Planning" above to access the plan. Volume is a summary. You can read specific information on types of mitigation activities in Volume Two. Volume Three has much of the background data used to develop the plan.

The plan is required to be reviewed twice annually. Once in the spring to look for areas where the City can include items in its budget for the coming year that would help implement the plan. And once in the fall to talk more about project development and implementation.