Turner, Oregon - the good neighbor town
Flood Information


The City of Turner endeavors to provide accurate and timely information regarding Mill Creek conditions, but cannot accurately predict flooding events and shall not be held liable for information provided through its stream gauge, Facebook and R911 systems. Each citizen is responsible for his own safety and any decisions made regarding a response to information provided by the City. 

Here are links to the FEMA GeoPlatform displaying flood hazard data in Turner, Oregon: 

Flood Map Comparison: http://arcg.is/2lDGoVb

Compares Effective (2003) floodplain boundaries (left panel) and Preliminary (2017) floodplain boundaries (right panel). You can swipe left and right to review changes. 

Changes Since Last FIRM: http://arcg.is/0G1W05

Displays floodplain boundary changes between effective and preliminary mapping.

Reading the map:

  • Decreases in the Special Flood Hazard Area boundary from Effective (2003) to Preliminary (2017) are shown in Green.
  • No change in the Special Flood Hazard Area boundary is shown in Blue.
  • Increases in the Special Flood Hazard Area boundary from Effective (2003) to Preliminary (2017) are shown in Purple. 


FEMA Flood Insurance Advocate 

FEMA has announced the opening of the Flood Insurance Advocate office effective December 22, 2014. If anyone who has a problem with flood insurance or the flood maps, please contact that office. 

The Flood Insurance Advocate will be an independent office within FEMA and have direct access on an advisory basis to the FEMA Administrator. As funds become available, FEMA plans to designate a permanent Flood Insurance Advocate and staff. Initially, the public can reach the Acting Flood Insurance Advocate by email at insurance advocate@fema.dhs.gov. In the next month, the Flood Insurance Advocate will establish a phone number to receive inquiries from the public.